Work at Olist

A small test used to evaluate if the candidate has the basic skills to work with olist.


This project is a fork of olist/work-at-olist.


Work Environment:

Resource Description Version
Computer Desktop 8 GB Memory I5 G5
Operating System xenial ubuntu@maui 17.03
Editor/IDE Pycharm 2017.1.1
venv Conda (Miniconda) 4.3.14
Programming language Python 3.61
CI CircleCI 2017-08
Coverage Codecov
Django Main framework 1.11.2
djangorestframework Framework for api 3.6.3
django-mptt Modified pre-order traversal tree in django 0.8.7

Original Especifications

The original especifications can see in the original project page on github

Description for this implementation

This project implements the original purpose in a way where the API is browseable. In the root we can see two links, one for Channels and other for Categories.

API Documentation.

The api docummenttion can see here